New arrivals 16/04/2017

Some moderately interesting games in this next batch, you’ll have to excuse minimal descriptions as I’m not able to type properly at the moment and using speech recognition.  Getting old is the worst thing in the world,

Nichibutsu Mahjong visual glitches

I’ve seen this on three different boards now, and it turns out that certain families of Nichibutsu Mahjong hardware can have problems with colour bleeding and minor visual glitches.  For example Club 90’s and The Lady Hunter

New arrivals 11/02/2017

A small mixture of stuff this time, one of them very rare and I’m pleased to finally find it.     Tottemo E Jong – Seibu also made lewd Mahjong games!  Good music, plays fast, sexy office

New arrivals 10/01/2017

Well I managed to strike another two off the wanted list this time.  As you can see I’ve really been slowing down – a couple of reasons.  One – I have too many PCBs.  Two – the

New arrivals 06/12/2016

Just a couple today, one I’ve been after a while.   Wakakusa Monogatari Mahjong Yonshimai – quite a mouthful.  Also a pretty decent anime style Mahjong game, it was cheap too.  I should probably dump this one

New arrivals 28/11/2016

Picked up some more PCBs over the past month, a couple of interesting ones in this batch.   WWF Wrestlefest – from back when Hogan was the main event and before WWF changed their name rather than

Nichibutsu and LCD Mahjong – House Mannequin

It’s interesting perhaps, that while the majority of arcade Mahjong games are 2p VS types, most are in reality single player games.  Of course there’s a simple explanation for this, the game relies on the players not

Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles RAM fault

This one is a simple fix but I thought I’d use it to demonstrate a technique for making minor track repairs.  I received a TMHT PCB today which on testing showed this mess: While the screen is

TourVision picture problems

As discussed in other articles, the TourVision system is just a PC engine automation platform & interface.  The RGB output of PC Engine consoles is rather low, especially compared to JAMMA standards, and as such the motherboard

New arrivals 04/10/2016

Bits & bobs with one epic resurrection.   Puzzle Yatnori – I’ve had this one in the broken pile for over a year, only just thought to dump it a few days ago and we found it’s