MAAAAHJONG STOOOOOORM!!!!! (New arrivals 23/09/2016)

This is all the fault of Macaw and Icarus.  Don’t even ask, no I can’t defend these purchases, and actually two of the ones I want the most, I still can’t find.  Some of these are complete

New arrivals 17/09/2016

A couple of things I’d been looking for turned up, one has been high on the hit list for a very long time.  I’ve been a little lazy about posting them as these arrived a while ago,

Fuck Pitney Bowes (and fuck the ebay Global Shipping Program)

Today I received another item from the states, which has come via the ebay Global Shipping Program.  Before we get on to that, let’s explain exactly what this means. Sellers enrolled in this (which is most of

Mahjong Joshi Pro-wres -Give up 5 byou mae-

Mahjong games in MAME aren’t very popular with a lot of people, but recently some of those I hang around with on Twitch have started getting into them – myself included.  Of course being the idiot collector

New arrivals 06/06/2016

Wow, June already.  Couple of long standing wants fulfilled here!   Zero Team – another one, same noisy audio as the last one.  Common fault or design error?  I have a Legionnaire with an odd capacitor hack

TourVision – busting open the BIOS data

Update 19/04/2019 – in the button codes list I had buttons I and II mixed up Update 08/05/2019 – newer version of the bios tool uploaded & corrections This is a followup to my previous article on

New arrivals 27/04/2016

A few things turned up over the past month or two, while others were lost in the post…   Zero Team – I wanted to replace my New Zero Team so bought this, the audio is a

Mutant Night bootleg sound restoration

Mutant Night is a pretty rare game, even with it being poorly known, weird and somewhat unpopular it’s still hard to find a real one.  Thankfully bootlegs exist and some are almost perfect clones. Unfortunately there’s a

New arrivals 23/01/2016

Won’t be many more like this, various reasons but there are a few left in the postal system and these which I picked up across the last two months.   Terra Force – I picked up a

Seeing the sea (and birds)

When I was young, my parents used to take us to Hunstanton fairly often, it’s a small seaside town in the northern part of Norfolk, and wasn’t that far from where we lived, just a couple of