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20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – part 4

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Love or hate the series, the fact remains that they really tapped into what a large number of people want from a first person shooter.  The latest (well, technically Ghosts is

20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – part 3

Binary Domain Sega have a pretty patchy track record these days as a developer, but sometimes they get it right, and … the whole world ignores them. Binary Domain is such a game, it’s a third person

20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – part 2

Phantasy Star Universe One of the older games in my list, I was browsing the playable demos section on the 360 dashboard one day, when I saw the open beta for PSU. Despite what the old fans

20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – part 1

Remember Me This is the game I’m playing through again right at the moment.  It tells the story of a memory hunter, Nilin, who goes up against a corporation seeking to gain power through the control of

20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – intro

This one was tough.  Not only could I not remember everything I’ve played this year, but when I did remember a pile of things I really enjoyed, it was into the 40s.  I really struggled to get

XBLA – Alien Rage

Seems to be a good season for XBLA titles at the moment.  Last week Alien Rage was released, it’s another FPS in space like so many others you’ve played, but it only costs £10 and it’s surprisingly

XBLIG – Astralis

If you’ve read my little round-up post, you’ll know I didn’t find very much to like in my recent browse, but the thing with XBLIG is that occasionally it throws up a surprising gem. That gem this

XBLIG – Six O’Clock High, Puzzle Perfection, M.A.C.E, Ariane Odyssey, EOL

Quick round-up of a few indie titles I tried over the past few days.. I had made my own videos of them all, but forgot to encode the ones tried before M.A.C.E. Ariane Odyssey – I sort

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology musical box

A while ago (last September perhaps?) I backed the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology kickstarter, and when they added a small number of extra musical boxes for the top tier, I was lucky enough to grab one.  Even at

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate

My DOA5U arrived this week, complete with retailer bonus DLC code for a bunch of costumes. It’s really just a standalone upgrade pack for the original, and presumably so they can drive more costume sales which have