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Commodore SID chip variation videos

If you’ve been watching my streams or VODs recently on Twitch, you’ll have seen that I’ve got back into Commodore 64 stuff.  Since I only stream real hardware like the hideous poser that I am, I got

Tidying under the stairs… Marantz CD-63 vintage CD players

Another thing I found while tidying the mass of old ‘stuff’ under the stairs last week, was an old CD player.  Not just any old CD player, but a 30+ year old piece of real vintage hi-fi

Samsung DA-E750 iPod/Galaxy dock

Back in my youth, I was a huge hi-fi nut.  Back then you could go to car boot sales (the UK equivalent of a football field with 100 garage sales happening on it), and come back with

Motörhead – Aftershock

Few bands bring the fury in the same way as Motörhead, and fewer still have been doing it so consistently for so long.  Along the way they had more than a helping hand creating speed metal but

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology – done!

You may have seen my post about the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology musical box a short while back, well a day or so ago advance download links were sent out to certain project backers for the finished soundtrack!

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology musical box

A while ago (last September perhaps?) I backed the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology kickstarter, and when they added a small number of extra musical boxes for the top tier, I was lucky enough to grab one.  Even at

Gary Numan – Splinter

There are certain constants in the world which make me feel better about things.  Harrison Ford is still alive, Pizza Hut exist, Koei will keep making Dynasty Warriors sequels, and old musicians are still around. One of