Turrican Soundtrack Anthology – done!

You may have seen my post about the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology musical box a short while back, well a day or so ago advance download links were sent out to certain project backers for the finished soundtrack!

So far I’ve listened to the first two discs all the way through and skimmed the other two, and overall it’s really good work.  Only a couple of tracks aren’t quite how I’d like to hear them – it’s worth noting that the tunes have all been completely remixed, although some backers will be getting copies of the originals played via Amiga/etc on a USB stick.

Listening to Pathfinder from the Turrican 1 soundtrack at the moment, I’d say overall that the first disc is the most impressive because the tunes were simply older and the makeover seems so much more radical as a result.  Not sure when all the physical rewards will be shipped out, getting it by Chrismas would be nice, I’ll make sure I get a photo of all the loot.  Also at some point because I bought that musical box, I’m supposed to get a personal ringtone composed 🙂

When all the Kickstarter backers have been sorted out, the album will be available on iTunes/etc, keep an eye on the official project site for news:

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology project page