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Kaboom – videos

Well – for reasons too long and complicated to cover here, I managed to destroy my Youtube channel which had approximately a decade of content from various things on it. Some of it was included in articles

Commodore SID chip variation videos

If you’ve been watching my streams or VODs recently on Twitch, you’ll have seen that I’ve got back into Commodore 64 stuff.  Since I only stream real hardware like the hideous poser that I am, I got

Visit to Whipsnade Zoo

Since we both had some time off work this week, we decided to go and visit Whipsnade Zoo.  The weather forecast was somewhat mixed and we got fairly lucky with a mixture of overcast, sun  and showers. 

Fuck Pitney Bowes (and fuck the ebay Global Shipping Program)

Today I received another item from the states, which has come via the ebay Global Shipping Program.  Before we get on to that, let’s explain exactly what this means. Sellers enrolled in this (which is most of

Getting back on a bike

This kind of turned into an arcade only blog, but I didn’t really intend for that to happen, I lost a lot of enthusiasm to write a lot because my job wears me out mentally, for all

Elusive artwork located!

I never thought I would ever find one of these, in fact I never knew this even existed.  Yet here it is, a mint unused Phelios POP (small cardboard display).  I’ve no intention of assembling this, it’s

arcadetower, on ebay.

Looking at the recent hits to my blog, it seems like a few people read this now.  Given the content, at least some of them must be PCB collectors. For a while now, there’s been a real

The Centre for Computing History (Cambridge computer museum)

Recently a computer museum has opened fairly close to me – called the Centre for Computing History.  It’s run with backing from a few local companies (notably ARM) and takes donations from anyone who may have old

Tidying under the stairs… Marantz CD-63 vintage CD players

Another thing I found while tidying the mass of old ‘stuff’ under the stairs last week, was an old CD player.  Not just any old CD player, but a 30+ year old piece of real vintage hi-fi

Tidying under the stairs… Air Blaster Joystick

I’ve been trying to find the box for my GP32 handheld.  I’m the sort of person who keeps boxes for everything, because … well mostly because I’m lazy, but also you never know when it might be