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XBLA – Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

Quietly released while the whole world was watching GTA 5 sell millions of units in a couple of days, Marlow Briggs hit XBLA and Steam without too many people noticing.  That’s a shame though, because it definitely

XBLIG – Valkyrius

Another one to add to the list of really good shooters in the XBL indie arena. Revives the dual weapon mechanic of games such as Silpheed and Einhander, and adds a teleport feature which definitely takes a

XBLA – Foul Play

Well, it seems pretty shameless to have released a game ‘played on stage’ so soon after the obvious inspiration from Puppeteer, but this has turned out to be a pretty solid game so far (I’m up to

XBLA – Girl Fight

I bought this so you don’t have to, or maybe so that you will – you decide. Hard to recommend it with the mash-to-win gameplay when DOA5 is now exceptionally cheap, but for half an hour it’s

GTA V – just .. why?

I picked up GTA V a few days ago, it seems pretty good so far although not actually a huge step up from the last one, not sure what I’m missing after seeing the nearly straight 10/10