Life Force

Life Force (1985)

There are some films which just defy adequate explanation, and this cult mess by Tobe Hooper from the middle of the 80s is such a film.  It’s available on Blu-Ray now in uncensored form, and the transfer isn’t bad at all, at least in the case of the Arrow Video release I have here.  To summarise, a shuttle crew find a floating alien ship in the head of Halley’s Comet.  Inside they find dessicated bat creatures, and 3 naked humanoids in suspended animation who turn out to be life force sucking space vampires, who visit planets and unleash something akin to a zombie apocalypse to refuel their ship.

Along the way since this was a British 80s film, you’ll be treated to some very British ‘establishment’ acting, an occasionally cringe making script in a similar vein, London burning, blood reformation, Patrick Stewart receiving his first and possibly only gay kiss, people screaming, people exploding, cars exploding, masochism, space shuttles with massive solar sails, zombies, characters who behave as if this is all perfectly normal, many ‘squaddie’ stereotypes, and last but certainly not least, a vampire with the best breasts recorded on film, and she wears nothing for the entire first half of it.

A film like this with these production values could never happen now.

God bless the 80s.