Man Of Steel / Donner Pass / The Lone Ranger

Man Of Steel (2013)

Another day another series reboot.  This is Superman taken in a slightly different direction, I remember reading lots of negative views when it came out, and now that I’ve seen it I understand them but don’t agree with them.  It’s a decent film if a bit too much victim of the AAA bandwagon – we’re firmly in action rollercoaster territory.  I liked the actors playing Superman and Lois, the story was pretty good (although the initial scenes on Krypton make me wish the whole film was set there), and the action is suitably over the top.  The number of sky scrapers being destroyed at the end becomes almost comical though.  Pretty decent overall.


Donner Pass (2012)

Four teens go on a trip to stay in a cabin and …. yeah you can write the rest yourself.  There’s supposed to be a cannibal but then it starts to go all proto-vampire right at the end and it’s just a mess by that point.  Lead actress was nice to look at, that’s about all I have to add here.


The Lone Ranger (2013)

There are some good ideas in here, some good performances (Depp feeding the bird did make me laugh) and some really good scenes – and even a decent enough story to go with it.  Unfortunately the way the story is told is haphazard and contrived, it’s almost like they could take the footage and make a cut nearly an hour shorter to end up with a much better film.  It’s a shame really, so close to being great but as it stands it’s just kind of passable entertainment if you’ve got a big chunk of time and nothing much better to do with it.