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Two Please

Found this fun little film project on Kickstarter, having seen the original ‘One Please’, I’d say it’s worth the small amount of money to help them get it made.  I back quite a few Kickstarters, I’ll try

Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear

Back in the 80’s Ninja were all the rage, for example the American Ninja films.  Strictly speaking I was watching them underage, but I loved them. Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is a return to those days

Snowpiercer (2013)

While we’re so frequently being bombarded with remakes and the cheap lifeless equivalent of movie shovelware, I take solace in the fact that some film makers are still doing something a little .. different. In the near

Citadel (2013)

I’ve been slacking updating you on the various films I’ve been watching – in fact there are at least 20+ I’ve watched over the past week or two but this one really stood out for me. Citadel


Ryan Reynolds plays Nick, a dirty cop – except he’s not too sure about stealing the siezedgold after all, and when he tries to back out of selling it his partner shoots him in the head during

The Colony / Antisocial / Bounty Killer

The Colony (2013) Through a mixture of pollution and attempted weather control, the human race has caused another ice age.  What remains of the population lives in colonies established in underground bunkers.  Life is harsh but the

You’re Next

Surfing around the PPV films as I do, I came across another slasher film about a group of people being killed in a house.  I decided to check it out, I’m a sucker for low rent slasher

Creepshow / Code Red

Creepshow (1982) My sister got this for me for Christmas.  She’s actually got pretty good taste in films, but in reality it was fished out of my Amazon wishlist when I pointed out it was still on

Battle of the Damned

I saw this film mentioned on IRC a few days ago, the plot: Max Gatling accepts a mission to enter a sealed off zombie (sorry, infected) filled city to rescue a rich businessman’s daughter. The trailer was

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror (1979) I can’t believe that I’d somehow never seen this one as it’s right up my street and was a big success at the time.  Having seen the remake which I’ll mention in a