Battle of the Damned

I saw this film mentioned on IRC a few days ago, the plot: Max Gatling accepts a mission to enter a sealed off zombie (sorry, infected) filled city to rescue a rich businessman’s daughter.

The trailer was absolutely ridiculous – Dolph Lundgren, zombies, mercs, guns, more zombies, knives, zombies, robots, zom…  Robots?  I knew I had to see it, and while I was poking around the PS4 dashboard seeing what sort of films you can find on the streaming services – there it was, Battle of the Damned.

This could not be approached in any half hearted way and as any film fan knows, munchies were essential.  Not having had dinner yet I went and picked up a MacDonalds – serious business, came back home and put the film on.  Mission accomplished.

So often you see crazy film trailers and they sell you a lie.  This one does exactly what it says on the tin.  Yes there are some leaps of logic, yes a few of the effects aren’t entirely as convincing as they could be, but fun for the pound this film really delivers.  Across the whole 90 minutes or so there’s never a dull moment and yes, you will get to see a robot proclaim ‘we fuck them up’ when asked about zombies.  Just watch it, you can’t go wrong here.

The low rating on IMDB just goes to show how many people in the world simply have no soul.  I pity them.