Repair – Irem games and leaking capacitors, it’s real.

If you saw my post a while back about the very poor condition Undercover Cops which required …. a lot of repair work due to leaking capacitors, you’ll have seen the damage they can do.

Well today I picked up a new game which I’ll post in a new arrivals shortly, but yet again it was an Irem game with leaking capacitors, luckily the acid hadn’t gone past the legs yet so I caught it in time to avoid any damage to the rest of the game.  I’m seeing this all the time on a specific set of boards, M92, M97 and M107 games which use metallic brown ELNA capacitors.

That’s games like In The Hunt, R-Type Leo, Fire Barrel, Undercover Cops and a variety of other expensive games.

If you own one of these games with brown capacitors, it will suffer serious damage WHEN these start leaking, not IF.

I know purists out there don’t like things being changed from the factory, and I understand that, and I’m not the kind of guy who recaps entire monitor chassis just because it seems like a good idea.  Seriously though, with these you are playing with fire.  On the game I just checked 6 of 14 were leaking, all different sizes too so it’s not like just one type go bad.

Replace them.  I know they may look perfect now but they won’t in due course.  Just get it out of the way and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.  If you remove them before the acid corrosion starts you’ll be able to do a nice job, later on it’s very hard to get corroded areas of PCB hole to really flow properly.

Aside from the flush fit ones (couple on each game), just cut the old ones off at the legs for a safe and easy removal later.  If you try to remove the whole thing at once by heating each leg in turn and pulling it out, there’s a decent chance of damaging the hole.  You will need the following parts:


100uf / 25v - C1
10uf / 50v - C3, C7
10uf / 16v - C8
1uf / 50v - C5


470uf / 25v (10x16x5mm) - C202
220uf / 10v (6.3x11x2.5mm) - C203
100uf / 25v (6.3x11x2.5mm) - C209, C236
47uf / 16v (5x11x2.5mm) - C213
22uf / 25v (5x11x2.5mm) - C204
1uf / 50v (5x11x2.5mm) - C201, C210, C215, C216, C217, C218, C219


470uf / 25v - C203
220uf / 10v - C201
100uf / 25v - C210 
47uf / 16v - C209 
22uf / 25v - C204
1uf / 50v - C202, C214, C216


470uf / 25v - C201, C203
220uf / 10v - C210
47uf / 16v - C209
10uf / 16v - C205, C41 (CPU)
1uf / 50v - C202, C214, C216


470uf / 25v - C202
100uf / 25v - C210, C245
100uf / 6.3v - C204, C205
47uf / 16v - C206, C212
1uf / 50v - C201, C211, C216, C219, C220, C221, C222