Thunder Blade / Afterburner capacitor list

I’m having to recap a Thunder Blade PCB to try to eliminate a noise problem in the audio – the schematics exist online but the audio section is barely readable.  Aside from the ‘supercap’ – here’s a full list required by the board checked against two different manufacture batches (higher values from older board quiet board used):

4x   470uf 16V   - C27, C28, C34, C42 (5mm lead separation)
1x   220uf 16V   - C30 (5mm lead separation)
2x   47uf 16V    - C21, C39
5x   10uf 25V    - C2, C3, C4, C7, C43
14x  1uf 50V     - C9, C10, C11, C12, C35, C36, C37
                   C38, C45 ,C46, C47, C48, C49, C50

2x   0.1uf 35V   - C8, C19
1x   47uf 16V    - C44
9x   10uf 16V    - C14, C17, C18, C25, C26, C33, C40, C41, C60
1x   2.2uf 25V   - C51

3x   0.1uf 50V   - C13, C20, C31    (104K)
2x   1500pf 100V - C15, C16         (152J)

Ceramic disc:
4x   220pf 100V  - C1, C5, C6, C29  (221)
2x   100pf 100V  - C19, C22         (101)