Remember Me

While I listed this in my series of posts about 20 of my favourite games from the generation (technically it’s not over yet but I’ll mostly be moving on to the PS4), it’s always annoyed me that I was never able to make a recording of Remember Me.  I bought it initially for the PS3 after being disgusted by Microsofts new policies (most of which they’ve now turned back from) – and I don’t own a HDCP stripper, so recording was never going to happen.

Since I felt like playing through it again, I picked up the 360 version last week.  It’s much the same of course although it does have more instances of tiny pauses from (I think) loading new areas, but on the flipside the frame rate is slightly better when they’re loaded in.  Yes I have installed it to the hard drive.

You have to try this game, especially if you have PS+ in Europe since it’s free at the moment (but be fast because it’ll be gone soon I think).  The art direction is just stunning, enough that I bought the art book which is something I usually wouldn’t bother with.  I think it’s the closest to a Blade Runner style future that I’ve ever seen rendered in a game.  The soundtrack is peerless too.