You’re Next

Surfing around the PPV films as I do, I came across another slasher film about a group of people being killed in a house.  I decided to check it out, I’m a sucker for low rent slasher films, I suppose I’m a sucker for nearly any type of film to be honest.

And what a nice surprise it was!  All the kids and their new partners have been invited to spend the weekend with their parents in their big country home, a tried and tested excuse to gather people for a slasher film.  It starts well and immediately everyone is clearly dysfunctional, just like a real family.  As an argument breaks out across the dinner table, one of the guests takes a crossbow bolt to the head.  Nice, simple and direct.  The killers are out to get the whole family it seems, but one of the guests is rather more able to defend herself than anyone expected.

It’s violent, in places bloody, and in others very funny.  The actors do well enough to sell the film aside from the lead actress (Sharni Vinson) who carries it the rest of the way with conviction and relish – I could see her becoming another genre favourite like Melissa George.