New arrivals 06/12/2016

Just a couple today, one I’ve been after a while.


Wakakusa Monogatari Mahjong Yonshimai – quite a mouthful.  Also a pretty decent anime style Mahjong game, it was cheap too.  I should probably dump this one in case the data is different, judging by the labels.



Mahjong Hourouki Gaiden – this is for sale, bought it just for the manual.  Of course I then saw an auction for art & manual which I lost today, and I’m in a bad mood about it.



Thunder Zone – finally snagged a Japanese version!  This came with 2x sets of manual & artwork, the better condition art actually has some damage where tape from the other one pulled it away, never store cards back-on-front if theres any residue from tape at all, always back to back.  The Japanese version of the game is considerably easier, slower bullets and the desert stage is actually an ice one.  It was changed for the west to try to capitalise on the Gulf War.



Mahjong Camera Kozou – surprisingly a non betting type game from Miki Shoji, I quite like the music in this, also it was cheap and came with matching serial artwork.