New arrivals 28/08/2017

Slowed down a lot now on getting new stuff, I’ve pretty much got everything I’d like aside from real obscurities, valuable or otherwise.  Also paying lots of medical bills.


Galaxy Gunners – vertical shmup by Electronic Devices, I’ve been looking for one for ages and managed to pick this up in a trade for a very clean Pac-Land  board from my sale list.


Cosplay Tengoku – this is for the Nichibutsu Super-CD system, I don’t have the system but it was in the dumping union archives without an owner who might have a use for it, so I picked it up.  Similar in concept to he High Rate DVD system I’ve posted videos of.


TourVision V1 motherboard – see the updated TourVision articles!  Really excited to obtain this as it was a goldmine of new information.


TourVision carts – there were also two missing boxes I picked up not in the photo, continuing to grow the collection, I think it’s fair to say I’ve put together the biggest collection of these anywhere, 101 carts not counting duplicates.  As always, I’ve already dumped them and sent the info to MAME devs.