Xbox One – and why you shouldn’t buy one

By now everyone reading must have seen all the next generation console drama, and particularly how Microsoft are doing perhaps the worst public relations of all time.

It started poorly, with them wanting heavy DRM and the death of used game sales.  It got worse as we watched a series of poorly spun 180s which turned it back into a product people might actually want to buy.

Since then we’ve had (follow the links):

It’s pretty embarrassing, but the above just pales into insignificance compared to their latest evil.

A lucky customer ordered his Xbox One last week, and Target made a bit of a mistake and shipped it to him early.  The happy customer started to post screenshots, information and an unboxing video of his new console – the feedback was positive too.  Microsoft need all the positive PR they can get at the moment, and this genuine customer positivity should have been treated as a gift horse.

So instead, they made a COPYRIGHT claim against his unboxing video, relying on the fact that Youtube simply comply with things by default.  Really?  How does it infringe their copyright when someone posts a video of them unboxing a legitimately purchased product?  What a crock of shit.

Then after he downloads the system update and starts using his legitimately purchased product, Microsoft banned the console.

Microsoft face an uphill PR battle with a half baked and rushed system which is clearly less powerful than the PS4, and they pull this?

Read more about it here.