XBLIG – Saturn 9

Catching up on some more XBLIG games which I’ve missed while being solidly addicted to Black Ops 2.  This one is a short and sweet sci-fi horror game, which can be played through in half an hour but that’s worth the low price of entry in my book.  You’re sent to investigate a ship which has lost contact (never ends well), and have to solve the puzzles to reach the cargo hold and retrieve some scientific journals.

The thing that made me pick this one out of the pile is the presentation – while the graphics are nothing special (and the frame rate varies between OK and poor), the way it immerses the player is well done.  You’re in a space suit for the entire of the game – sometimes it hazes up depending on the surrounding lighting, it has a built in HUD which curves to match the glass, and save for footsteps all you can hear most of the time is your own breathing.  This coupled with the fact that most of the time all you have is very localised light from a torch make the game feel very claustrophobic.

It has a few scares in there too, it’s all to build you up for the search in the cargo hold at the end.  Pretty good stuff, I recommend picking this up – the only part that really needed work was the HUD prompts when you need to use a screwdriver didn’t appear at the right time.