20 Highlights of the 360/PS3 generation – intro

This one was tough.  Not only could I not remember everything I’ve played this year, but when I did remember a pile of things I really enjoyed, it was into the 40s.  I really struggled to get a racing title in there, but to be honest while I absolutely love racing games, aside from Ridge Racer 6 and the XBLA Outrun releases, this generation has been virtually worthless for them.  I’m still waiting for something to beat Midnight Club II – but I don’t expect it to happen, ever.  Yes I have played Burnout Paradise, and no I didn’t think it was that good.  The NFS series has potential but they keep wasting it – the one coming to PS4/Xbone isn’t even 60fps, it’s just pointless.

To make it clear, these are not the 20 best games in my opinion from the 360/PS3 generation, but they’re some of the ones I liked the most, for whatever the reason.  Some of the ones that stood out or were criminally overlooked.  Hopefully it will inspire a few people to dig these games up as some are pretty old now.

I was going to post this as one great big wall of text, but when I sat down to proof read it, I realised nobody would wade through the whole thing like that.  I’ll post the first set a few hours after this, and the rest every day or so as they’re completed.  The games are in no particular order, trying to rank them would be pretty futile.

Also I would have included the Walking Dead series, but I only rememered it after finalising the list and writing 3/4 of it up.