Art scans update – Cosplay Tengoku (Super-CD)

Just a small update this time, the artwork for Cosplay Tengoku which was the eighth title on Nichibutsu’s Super-CD system, and the manual for Cosplay Tengoku 2 which was the 10th.  Someone I know needed to see

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System game captures (NSFW)

WARNING: this page contains video which is not suitable for work or family environments,  it includes “soft” porn elements and viewer discretion is advised.   If you’ve seen my new arrivals post, I picked up a couple

Art scans update – Hopper Robo / 19XX

As promised here’s something not Mahjong related. First of all are a pair of instruction cards for Hopper Robo – it’s a very rare game and the art is even harder to find.  Fun trivia, locating the

New arrivals 12/07/2017

Another couple of things – I’m really into weird Nichibutsu systems right now.   Mahjong Club 90’s – already had one of these but this one came with manual and more artwork that I needed.  Turns out

Art scans update – Jang Taku / Mahjong Jogakuen

A manual and a couple of instruction cards added to the scans section.  I’ll do some non-mahjong stuff next time as I’m sure people are more interested in normal games.  Jang Taku cards look like they’ve been

Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome full English walkthrough

Welcome to my English language walkthrough of Vanilla Syndrome, one of Nichibutsu’s vs Mahjong titles.  I picked this one for some special attention because it has great character design, excellent music and graphics, and a story based

Art scans!

I have quite a large library of arcade artwork and manuals, in fact the current count is a little above 800 original items.  With copies there’s well over a thousand.  I can’t scan all of this, but

New arrivals 10/06/2017

Quite a few things this time, a couple are really special and I’m quite pleased to have them now.   Zenkoku Seifuku Bishojo Grand-Prix : Find Love – high-quality mini games and anime girls, one of the

New arrivals 30/04/2017

Another bunch of games with a couple of interesting items, some of which  were obtained in an untested job lot.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to dig through  a box of unknowns, and

Using MAME to assist with repairing Nova 2001

If you’ve seen my recent new arrivals post, you may have noticed a broken Nova 2001 PCB.  I’d had a quick look at it when it arrived  and managed to at least capture the error message, but