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New arrivals 12/12/2017

I’ve really slowed down on PCBs now – looking to slim the collection if anything.  As such these updates have been infrequent and I’ve been saving them up to put in one post.   Pac Gal –

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD captures – update

Remember these are NSFW, but I’ve managed to restore all the videos aside from volume 1 which I’ve just made a new one for. Also we’ve obtained volume 18 which has been added. Full blog item here:

Thunder Blade / Afterburner capacitor list

I’m having to recap a Thunder Blade PCB to try to eliminate a noise problem in the audio – the schematics exist online but the audio section is barely readable.  Aside from the ‘supercap’ – here’s a

Art scans update – High Rate DVD Vol 2: Sengoku Mahjong Kurenai Otome-tai

Scanned another piece of art that arrived in the last few weeks – instruction card and manual for Vol 2 of the High Rate DVD series.  It’s in the art archive top left.  

TourVision – obtained a V4 integrated motherboard

I just picked up an integrated V4 motherboard and 9 carts, main TV article updated here: TourVision – like a Playchoice for PC Engine

New arrivals 28/08/2017

Slowed down a lot now on getting new stuff, I’ve pretty much got everything I’d like aside from real obscurities, valuable or otherwise.  Also paying lots of medical bills.   Galaxy Gunners – vertical shmup by Electronic

TourVision – V1 system discovered!

A contact of mine in Spain came across a strange motherboard while searching for carts for me – while it’s of limited usefulness due to the limited number of V1 cartridges and functionality, it answered many lingering

Art scans update – Moumatenaino (Next Gen DVD System vol 3)

Another one for which no manual scans exist – the barely documented Next Generation DVD system. I picked up the art and manual for volume 3 a while back just so this stuff could be preserved.

Art scans update – Cosplay Tengoku (Super-CD)

Just a small update this time, the artwork for Cosplay Tengoku which was the eighth title on Nichibutsu’s Super-CD system, and the manual for Cosplay Tengoku 2 which was the 10th.  Someone I know needed to see

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System game captures (NSFW)

WARNING: this page contains video which is not suitable for work or family environments,  it includes “soft” porn elements and viewer discretion is advised.   If you’ve seen my new arrivals post, I picked up a couple