Repair – Namco NA-1 boards, leaky caps

I’ve not been updating the site much lately, I’ve been watching loads of films and doing almost nothing in the way of gaming or keyboard use.  There’s a good reason for that too, tendonitis.

Anyway, someone recently posted on the forum about a problem with a dead Namco NA-11 based game.  These are known for bad capacitors on the reset circuit (C5, under the ROM board).  Sure enough it was the fault.

However, these boards have lots of other capacitors of the same make, age and type.  Guess what…. Yep, they leak too.  I pulled my Fighter & Attacker out of storage and could see the start of track discolouration and some damp looking areas.  The only way to save these games long term is to recap the entire sound section.  You’ll need the following….


100uF / 6.3v - C8, C9, C10, C15, C16, C24, C25, C27
47uF / 16v - C39
22uF / 6.3v - C11, C14, C31, C32
2.2uF / 35v - C5, C23, C26, C28, C29, C38, C40

Be really careful removing the old ones, I managed to lift a track with one of mine and had to do some inventive soldering with a shard of cut down chip leg.  Remember to clean the area with isopropyl alcohol, and then you’re good to repopulate it.  After some blood, sweat and tears it will hopefully look a bit like this: