No One Lives / The Demented

No One Lives (2012)

A slasher film from the WWE, but this time not an action thriller with a big name wrestler in it.  There may have been some of their staff in there but not having watched wrestling for years I wouldn’t have recognised them.  A small group of criminals ends up kidnapping a psychopath and it doesn’t end well for them.  There’s actually a fair bit more plot and character development than you’d usually expect from one of these, I’ve just finished watching it in fact and I can’t decide if it was good or bad.  What it isn’t, is indifferent – there’s something slightly unusual about the whole film, the soundtrack is certainly part of that.  I’d say check it out if you’re into the genre.


The Demented (2013)

I can’t see a zombie film in the listings and not watch it.  This isn’t one of the better ones.  Constrained by budget and rating, the one or two interesting ideas soon get replaced with a long chase scene which reminded me of a fetch quest.  Go here!  Zombie attack (shakycam effects to make it look more dramatic and hide the lack of special effects)   Go here!  The ending is two endings, they should have just picked one as the impact of both is ruined by the hamfisted way they’re handled together.