Art scans update – Hopper Robo / 19XX

As promised here’s something not Mahjong related.

First of all are a pair of instruction cards for Hopper Robo – it’s a very rare game and the art is even harder to find.  Fun trivia, locating the art several years ago is how the colours in MAME ended up being corrected.

Secondly there’s a promo item for 19XX for the Korean market – it’s some kind of plastic, the back which I didn’t scan has the Capcom logo, a graph paper effect and rulers down the sides.  Interesting note is that the moire patterns on the screenshots are actually part of the original art, Capcom (Asia?) used actual photos of screens for the screenshots.

Just a reminder, files are not directly linked – if you want to see the full versions follow the art scans project link in the top right.