Tourvision BIOS tool & updates

I’ve updated the Tourvision BIOS post, there’s a new version of the BIOS decoder tool that offers different output formats including one that tells you what all the bytes actually do, it now supports multiple BIOS versions for comparison work, and I’ve updated the versions info with some new things I’ve learned.

TourVision – busting open the BIOS data

I’m working on a full changelog at the moment, and soon – a very exciting project for owners of the system. I’m going to make (several, depending on parts availability) some custom HUcard adapter boards so you can just plug normal game cards in and set the ID via a dip switch. I’ll also be releasing a custom BIOS which will be maintained with any game fixes (Afterburner needs fixing for example and the Daisenpu delay is way too long) and support for titles not already covered on the system to our knowledge, such as Bloody Wolf.