Jump Jump / Elfin – first ever videos

I recently picked up Jump Jump and Elfin, two adult games by dgPIX. I couldn’t find any information about them aside from some small screenshots posted at Hardcoregaming 101, and a few mentions on an Italian forum. This is about as rare and obscure as it gets.

I’ve got hold of a DVD/HD recorder now which actually accepts RGB NTSC signals (and therefore arcade PCBs straight out of my test bench), so I’ve made a video of each game. Neither of these are dumped on in MAME, I’ll be trying to get that sorted out in the future but since they’re surface mount flash chips it’s not something I can do myself. Note that they do feature full nudity, if this bothers you then don’t click ‘play’.

First up is Jump Jump, it’s not a very good game and contains a real ‘wtf’ moment when the women appear, bonus points for the bondage nun, or whatever that costume is supposed to be. The game starts bland, and soon becomes irritating when you reach endless bouncing platforms.

Next we have Elfin – I saved the best until last. It’s a sort of Puzzle Bobble variant with a gameplay mechanic I’ve not seen anywhere, which is really unusual for adult games which are usually poor clones of something else. I really enjoy this one – you can really come unstuck if you have a large pattern of gems and accidentally chop the entire of one side off.

So there you go, something unusual to see.