Amiga 2000 internal floppy switchers

I have recently been renovating and upgrading the Amiga 2000 which I have owned for over a decade, but for most of that time spent its life as a monitor stand after I accidentally formatted the hard

Kaboom – videos

Well – for reasons too long and complicated to cover here, I managed to destroy my Youtube channel which had approximately a decade of content from various things on it. Some of it was included in articles

Commodore SID chip variation videos

If you’ve been watching my streams or VODs recently on Twitch, you’ll have seen that I’ve got back into Commodore 64 stuff.  Since I only stream real hardware like the hideous poser that I am, I got

New arrivals 28/08/2017

Slowed down a lot now on getting new stuff, I’ve pretty much got everything I’d like aside from real obscurities, valuable or otherwise.  Also paying lots of medical bills.   Galaxy Gunners – vertical shmup by Electronic

TourVision – V1 system discovered!

A contact of mine in Spain came across a strange motherboard while searching for carts for me – while it’s of limited usefulness due to the limited number of V1 cartridges and functionality, it answered many lingering

Art scans update – Moumatenaino (Next Gen DVD System vol 3)

Another one for which no manual scans exist – the barely documented Next Generation DVD system. I picked up the art and manual for volume 3 a while back just so this stuff could be preserved.

Visit to Whipsnade Zoo

Since we both had some time off work this week, we decided to go and visit Whipsnade Zoo.  The weather forecast was somewhat mixed and we got fairly lucky with a mixture of overcast, sun  and showers. 

Art scans update – Cosplay Tengoku (Super-CD)

Just a small update this time, the artwork for Cosplay Tengoku which was the eighth title on Nichibutsu’s Super-CD system, and the manual for Cosplay Tengoku 2 which was the 10th.  Someone I know needed to see

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System game captures (NSFW)

WARNING: this page contains video which is not suitable for work or family environments,  it includes “soft” porn elements and viewer discretion is advised.   If you’ve seen my new arrivals post, I picked up a couple

Art scans update – Hopper Robo / 19XX

As promised here’s something not Mahjong related. First of all are a pair of instruction cards for Hopper Robo – it’s a very rare game and the art is even harder to find.  Fun trivia, locating the