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Art scans update – TourVision flyer

Nice 4 page flyer for the TourVision system added!

Art scans update – JJ Squawkers, Flying Tiger, Quarth, Puzzlet

Another bunch of scans have been added, one requested on Twitch for Flying Tiger.  Shame about the first of the JJ Squawkers instruction cards, I’ll update this if I ever find a better one. As usual, follow

New arrivals 04/01/2018

Just a couple of things!   Erotictac – unusual adult puzzle game by “Systeme”, the PCB is very glitchy and has to be run at 4.7v, there’s a red-green-red power indicator on the ROM board.  Had lots

Strider original Japanese version graphics/sound fix

A while ago a user on the KLOV forums called willkaotix created a set of replacement graphics ROMs for Strider which remove the censorship added for the final game (the leaf on the Amazons) as well as

Amiga (various models) Kickstart switcher

The Amiga has had multiple firmware versions over the years, known as “Kickstart”.  Unfortunately a lot of software that hits the hardware directly is affected by which version of Kickstart you’re using, leading to various hardware and

New arrivals 12/12/2017

I’ve really slowed down on PCBs now – looking to slim the collection if anything.  As such these updates have been infrequent and I’ve been saving them up to put in one post.   Pac Gal –

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD captures – update

Remember these are NSFW, but I’ve managed to restore all the videos aside from volume 1 which I’ve just made a new one for. Also we’ve obtained volume 18 which has been added. Full blog item here:

Thunder Blade / Afterburner capacitor list

I’m having to recap a Thunder Blade PCB to try to eliminate a noise problem in the audio – the schematics exist online but the audio section is barely readable.  Aside from the ‘supercap’ – here’s a

Art scans update – High Rate DVD Vol 2: Sengoku Mahjong Kurenai Otome-tai

Scanned another piece of art that arrived in the last few weeks – instruction card and manual for Vol 2 of the High Rate DVD series.  It’s in the art archive top left.  

TourVision – obtained a V4 integrated motherboard

I just picked up an integrated V4 motherboard and 9 carts, main TV article updated here: TourVision – like a Playchoice for PC Engine