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Playstation 4 – the first week

Back at that expo where they announced the PS4 and Xbox One (I forget which expo it was – E3?), I saw two products being offered. Firstly the Xbox One, an always online DRM laden nightmare from

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology – done!

You may have seen my post about the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology musical box a short while back, well a day or so ago advance download links were sent out to certain project backers for the finished soundtrack!

Remember Me again

Still on my second playthrough of Remember Me, this video could be better as I had to make two edits (one due to adjusting combos in the menu and another due to death in the second section). 

Remember Me

While I listed this in my series of posts about 20 of my favourite games from the generation (technically it’s not over yet but I’ll mostly be moving on to the PS4), it’s always annoyed me that

XBLA – Iron Brigade

Now released for free under the Games On Gold promotion, Iron Brigade is a tower defense game which actually puts you on the ground in the middle of the action. You’re a solder trying to stop the

Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea part 1

Well they certainly took their sweet time working on this.  Bioshock Infinite had become a poster child for why season passes being available on day 1 are a bad idea – aside from a mostly arena combat

XBLIG – Uncraft Me

More in the ‘I missed this’ series, I recently found Uncraft Me via a Youtube suggested video, and I’m very impressed. Uncraft me is a jetpack platformer – some goddesses have been locked in cubes, and the

XBLIG – Saturn 9

Catching up on some more XBLIG games which I’ve missed while being solidly addicted to Black Ops 2.  This one is a short and sweet sci-fi horror game, which can be played through in half an hour

One nemesis down – backlog trawling

If you’ve read my 20 highlights set of posts, you’ll have seen one of the games I listed was Tomb Raider Anniversary. While I loved the game when it came out, a lot of other games came

XBLIG – Aeternum

I’m not sure how this one slipped past my radar for so very long, but I’m glad I finally found it.  Aeternum is a side scrolling curtain fire shooter which owes a lot to the famous Touhou