Art scans!

I have quite a large library of arcade artwork and manuals, in fact the current count is a little above 800 original items.  With copies there’s well over a thousand.  I can’t scan all of this, but I’ve decided I am going to start scanning assorted pieces with priority going to items I’m not planning to keep or games which are barely documented.

You’ll see a link somewhere on the top right for this, some items to note:

  1. The files are quite large, artwork is 48 bit 600 DPI (I’m wondering if the 48 bits  aren’t of that much use given that this is printed material to begin with, opinions very welcome).  The manuals are scanned in greyscale at the same resolution but then converted down to PDF format.
  2. I have put the files behind a simple authentication for which credentials are provided on the main scans page, the files of all zipped.  This is to encourage people not to browse down the list and repeatedly download hundreds of megabytes as a side-effect, while also discouraging web crawlers which are crawling a little too far.  Please be reasonable and only download these files if you actually need them.

The first three titles I’ve uploaded files for are Maikobana, Cosplay Heaven 5 (on the Nichibutsu DVD system) and Gradius IV.