New arrivals 11/02/2017

A small mixture of stuff this time, one of them very rare and I’m pleased to finally find it.     Tottemo E Jong – Seibu also made lewd Mahjong games!  Good music, plays fast, sexy office

New arrivals 10/01/2017

Well I managed to strike another two off the wanted list this time.  As you can see I’ve really been slowing down – a couple of reasons.  One – I have too many PCBs.  Two – the

New arrivals 06/12/2016

Just a couple today, one I’ve been after a while.   Wakakusa Monogatari Mahjong Yonshimai – quite a mouthful.  Also a pretty decent anime style Mahjong game, it was cheap too.  I should probably dump this one

New arrivals 28/11/2016

Picked up some more PCBs over the past month, a couple of interesting ones in this batch.   WWF Wrestlefest – from back when Hogan was the main event and before WWF changed their name rather than

Nichibutsu and LCD Mahjong – House Mannequin

It’s interesting perhaps, that while the majority of arcade Mahjong games are 2p VS types, most are in reality single player games.  Of course there’s a simple explanation for this, the game relies on the players not

Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles RAM fault

This one is a simple fix but I thought I’d use it to demonstrate a technique for making minor track repairs.  I received a TMHT PCB today which on testing showed this mess: While the screen is

TourVision picture problems

As discussed in other articles, the TourVision system is just a PC engine automation platform & interface.  The RGB output of PC Engine consoles is rather low, especially compared to JAMMA standards, and as such the motherboard

New arrivals 04/10/2016

Bits & bobs with one epic resurrection.   Puzzle Yatnori – I’ve had this one in the broken pile for over a year, only just thought to dump it a few days ago and we found it’s

MAAAAHJONG STOOOOOORM!!!!! (New arrivals 23/09/2016)

This is all the fault of Macaw and Icarus.  Don’t even ask, no I can’t defend these purchases, and actually two of the ones I want the most, I still can’t find.  Some of these are complete

New arrivals 17/09/2016

A couple of things I’d been looking for turned up, one has been high on the hit list for a very long time.  I’ve been a little lazy about posting them as these arrived a while ago,