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TourVision – like a Playchoice for PC Engine

You may be familiar with TourVision already from the few mentions here and elsewhere, but if you aren’t it’s a Spanish company who made a self-named cart based arcade system, where you can select one of four

Metal Slug 2 – reducing the slowdown

UPDATE 15/05 – DO NOT BUY FROM PEOPLE PRODUCTING MODIFIED CARTS, the readme file specifically bans making money from this patch.  Since this work is given away entirely for free, a modified cart is worth the same

Styx – Master Of Shadows

Haven’t written about non-arcade games that much recently, to be honest I thought 2014 was a pretty bad year overall.  Lots of broken games, some even worse examples of DLC and in-game currency sales, remakes as far

LED Storm – the original and best

Living as I do in the UK, consoles weren’t really the big thing and everyone had home computers – the Spectrum, C64, and later the Atari and Amiga.  On the ZX Spectrum and the Amiga when I

Driveclub – festive spirit

So Driveclub got another small update today, the recently added weather features are now in playlisted races.  This was the first time I’d seen thick snow, and yes I couldn’t see a thing, started trying to drive

PS4 – Steamworld Dig

A week or so ago a game called Steamworld Dig appeared on PSN, apparently with little fanfare or mention at all.  Seriously it seems to have been a footnote release, which is a shame because it’s not

PS4 – Battlefield 4

Well, I’ve been slacking lately on posting about the games I’ve been playing – and there are two main reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been kind of busy with the arcade side of things.  Secondly I bought Battlefield 4

Tidying under the stairs… C64-DTV

A few (well 6 or 7) years ago someone came up with the bright idea of building a C64 into one of the most popular joysticks of the period, a Competition Pro. I’m not sure if the

Tidying under the stairs… Super Joy III

Next up in the list of weird old junk I liberated from under the stairs, is a ‘Super Joy III’.  It’s a TV game joypad in the shape of a N64 pad, but instead of running N64

Tidying under the stairs… Air Blaster Joystick

I’ve been trying to find the box for my GP32 handheld.  I’m the sort of person who keeps boxes for everything, because … well mostly because I’m lazy, but also you never know when it might be