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Hardware macro click mouse with variance

There are plenty of mice with macro functionality on the market, some very precise or with full step sequences, but none that I can find allow you to add variance and if you ask the companies or

Nichibutsu DVD21 DVD system footage (NSFW)

Developed at the same time as the Next Generation system, the DVD21 uses infrared controlled drives the same as the X-Rate rather than serial controlled. I think this was a system aimed at operators who had already

Cassette tape foam problems – chewing & bad reads

I’ve been dumping a lot of cassette media lately, and I’ve seen this problem enough to consider it a common fault.  On standard computer cassette tapes there is a piece of foam which acts like a tensioner

1972 TONY coin-op Mahjong bartop

I was browsing Yahoo auctions recently looking for Mahjong control panels and an IMAX MJ adapter loom, when I came across an unusual little bartop machine, the “TONY”.  The description stated that they’d plugged it in and

Cassette collecting – the mould problem

Living as I do in the UK and being the age I am, I grew up with home computers being my primary gaming experience with arcades being a rare treat if we visited the coast.  In the

LED Storm prototype!

If you head over to my article on LED Storm, I’ve updated it with more photos and information, and a video comparison of the now three discovered versions.  What a troubled history this one had! LED Storm

Miki DVD Theatre system footage

You may have noticed a newly discovered type of DVD Mahjong system in my last New Arrivals post, the Miki DVD Theatre.  Most of the titles get very lewd immediately (they used off the shelf pornographic DVDs

Strider original Japanese version graphics/sound fix

A while ago a user on the KLOV forums called willkaotix created a set of replacement graphics ROMs for Strider which remove the censorship added for the final game (the leaf on the Amazons) as well as

Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System game captures (NSFW)

WARNING: this page contains video which is not suitable for work or family environments,  it includes “soft” porn elements and viewer discretion is advised.   If you’ve seen my new arrivals post, I picked up a couple

Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome full English walkthrough

Welcome to my English language walkthrough of Vanilla Syndrome, one of Nichibutsu’s vs Mahjong titles.  I picked this one for some special attention because it has great character design, excellent music and graphics, and a story based