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Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System game captures (NSFW)

WARNING: this page contains video which is not suitable for work or family environments,  it includes “soft” porn elements and viewer discretion is advised.   If you’ve seen my new arrivals post, I picked up a couple

Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome full English walkthrough

Welcome to my English language walkthrough of Vanilla Syndrome, one of Nichibutsu’s vs Mahjong titles.  I picked this one for some special attention because it has great character design, excellent music and graphics, and a story based

TourVision – like a Playchoice for PC Engine

(Update 26/08/2017 – revised article to cover newly discovered V1 hardware) You may be familiar with TourVision already from the few mentions here and elsewhere, but if you aren’t it’s a Spanish company who made a self-named

Metal Slug 2 – reducing the slowdown

UPDATE 15/05 – DO NOT BUY FROM PEOPLE PRODUCTING MODIFIED CARTS, the readme file specifically bans making money from this patch.  Since this work is given away entirely for free, a modified cart is worth the same

Styx – Master Of Shadows

Haven’t written about non-arcade games that much recently, to be honest I thought 2014 was a pretty bad year overall.  Lots of broken games, some even worse examples of DLC and in-game currency sales, remakes as far

LED Storm – the original and best

Living as I do in the UK, consoles weren’t really the big thing and everyone had home computers – the Spectrum, C64, and later the Atari and Amiga.  On the ZX Spectrum and the Amiga when I

Driveclub – festive spirit

So Driveclub got another small update today, the recently added weather features are now in playlisted races.  This was the first time I’d seen thick snow, and yes I couldn’t see a thing, started trying to drive

PS4 – Steamworld Dig

A week or so ago a game called Steamworld Dig appeared on PSN, apparently with little fanfare or mention at all.  Seriously it seems to have been a footnote release, which is a shame because it’s not

PS4 – Battlefield 4

Well, I’ve been slacking lately on posting about the games I’ve been playing – and there are two main reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been kind of busy with the arcade side of things.  Secondly I bought Battlefield 4

Tidying under the stairs… C64-DTV

A few (well 6 or 7) years ago someone came up with the bright idea of building a C64 into one of the most popular joysticks of the period, a Competition Pro. I’m not sure if the