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Samsung DA-E750 iPod/Galaxy dock

Back in my youth, I was a huge hi-fi nut.  Back then you could go to car boot sales (the UK equivalent of a football field with 100 garage sales happening on it), and come back with

Xbox One – and why you shouldn’t buy one

By now everyone reading must have seen all the next generation console drama, and particularly how Microsoft are doing perhaps the worst public relations of all time. It started poorly, with them wanting heavy DRM and the

Shmups forum optimisation

Those who read the shmups forum regularly will know that recently it was time to migrate the service back to the physical server, and since the hardware was getting quite old and not really performing for the

Actually got something from Kickstarter!

I’ve backed a number of projects on Kickstarter now, a variety of things rather than just games, and finally items are starting to appear. First of all is my ‘Crabby Wallet’ – it’s one of the first