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Repair – working around a faulty Gundhara

I picked a Gundhara PCB recently on the forum, it was advertised as a bootleg but it strongly resembled the strange Daioh I got recently and obviously came from the same factory.  I think the most likely

Metal Slug 2 – reducing the slowdown

UPDATE 15/05 – DO NOT BUY FROM PEOPLE PRODUCTING MODIFIED CARTS, the readme file specifically bans making money from this patch.  Since this work is given away entirely for free, a modified cart is worth the same

Repair – Namco NB-1 leaking capacitors

A never-ending plague… I picked up a NebulasRay earlier this week, hard to find these days and I’d heard someone mention reliability issues.  It arrived, it worked, and upon close inspection I can see one reason these

More Irem capacitor woes

I’ve just found M99 suffer the same problem as M92 and M107. At this point, ANY Irem board newer than M84 series (that’s up to R-Type II) with brown coloured ELNA caps should be considered suspect.  Change

Repair – Namco NA-1 boards, leaky caps

I’ve not been updating the site much lately, I’ve been watching loads of films and doing almost nothing in the way of gaming or keyboard use.  There’s a good reason for that too, tendonitis. Anyway, someone recently

Repair – Irem games and leaking capacitors, it’s real.

If you saw my post a while back about the very poor condition Undercover Cops which required …. a lot of repair work due to leaking capacitors, you’ll have seen the damage they can do. Well today

Repair – Mitchell Lady Killer (Electronic Devices license)

There are some collectors out there who want things perfect, the way they came from the factory. Well….  Let’s just say that’s not always a realistic fantasy.  I’ve had an odd looking (possibly Korean) Lady Killer PCB

Repair – Cave CV1000 colour problems

Recently I’ve become aware of a growing number of Cave boards offered for sale (just search Yahoo auctions for many examples) which have colour faults.  Usually these aren’t even advertised as being faulty, I’m not sure how

Repair – Edge connector contact replacement

If you collect older games, sooner or later you’re going to run into burned out connector pins.  Sometimes it’s just from a bad loom or dirty contacts, other times it’s due to people soldering adapters to boards

Repair – G07 flyback transformer

One of my cabs is a Missile Storm I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for some time.  It came from the famous Duke Of Lancaster cab raid, I actually had two of them – put all the