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Man Of Steel / Donner Pass / The Lone Ranger

Man Of Steel (2013) Another day another series reboot.  This is Superman taken in a slightly different direction, I remember reading lots of negative views when it came out, and now that I’ve seen it I understand

The Heat

I hadn’t seen much about this film, spotted it on the shelves at the supermarket this weekend so decided to check it out on PPV.  It’s a buddy-cop comedy starring Sandra Bullock (a long time favourite of


There’s been a slight resurgence in sci-fi cinema over the past year or two, a very good thing after the long dry spells of the 2000s.  Just in the past few years we’ve had Gravity, Europa Report,

Pacific Rim

Despite being a bit of a film fan (I don’t even write about half the films I watch), I don’t really get to the cinema often these days.  Not only are they expensive but you have the

Silent Night, Deadly Night / Wanted: Dead or Alive

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) Classic 80s slasher flick, about a young man with a mortal fear of Santa ever since his parents were killed by a criminal wearing the costume.  After taking a job at the


Hummingbird (2013) It’s another Jason Statham action movie!  You’ll probably have made up your mind already on whether you like his films or not, I’m 50/50 – some have been good and some have been distinctly uninspiring.

Life Force

Life Force (1985) There are some films which just defy adequate explanation, and this cult mess by Tobe Hooper from the middle of the 80s is such a film.  It’s available on Blu-Ray now in uncensored form,

Romancing The Stone / Jewel Of The Nile

Romancing The Stone (1984) If you look at the posters for this one, it might give you the impression that you’re in Indiana Jones territory, and in some ways the film does feel that way, but in

Zombie Hunter / The Wraith

Zombie Hunter (2013) I was one of the Kickstarter funders for the post production of this one, it promised to be a trashy zombie film and in that respect it didn’t disappoint.  There were some messy kills

Devoured / I Spit On Your Grave 2

Devoured (2012) A film about a woman working as a minimum wage slave in a cafe, for a pair of pretty horrible bosses.  She’s working to save up money for an operation her son needs, but starts