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Toshiba SD-B100 DVD information / service / repair

The Toshiba SD-B100 DVD player is the model used by Seibu CATS video mahjong systems (and some Konami bemani games), it’s a broadcast quality unit actually designed by Sanko supporting serial control.  There’s an IR receiver present

Irem (ELNA) capacitor update – Madonna cabs

If you have an Irem Madonna cabinet you’ll find that there’s a credit board clipped to the left side of the coin box casing – M79. It’s got the same problem as the game boards, two were

Y2 System JAMMA to Mahjong adapter reproductions

There’s a very rare Mahjong game for the Y2 system called Higurashi No Nako Koroni Jan, because the system is JAMMA native an adapter is needed for you to play the game on a Mahjong panel.  The

Capcom CPS Q-Sound case cap repros

Well thanks to Franco on the Arcade Otaku forum, we’ve put together reproductions for those often missing screw caps on CPS Q-Sound cases. These usually go missing when they are opened up to be desuicided, battery swapped,

Cassette tape foam problems – chewing & bad reads

I’ve been dumping a lot of cassette media lately, and I’ve seen this problem enough to consider it a common fault.  On standard computer cassette tapes there is a piece of foam which acts like a tensioner

PLCC84 7064/7096 to Dataman 48UXP adapter

Reading ROMs and other chips can become an expensive process. Even when you’ve obtained a reader which has all the device support you need, it will tend to come with a standard ZIF socket and if the

1972 TONY coin-op Mahjong bartop

I was browsing Yahoo auctions recently looking for Mahjong control panels and an IMAX MJ adapter loom, when I came across an unusual little bartop machine, the “TONY”.  The description stated that they’d plugged it in and

TourVision – display board add-ons finally discovered

I’ve had the good fortune to locate some of the add-on score display panels which were previously only seen in a flyer image, and testing them has helped me learn more about just what the “score” is. 

TourVision HuCard adapters & BIOS 6.x

Well here it is, I’d been planning to make some of these for a long time and finally found the time and energy to do so.  TourVision carts are getting expensive.  I think part of this may

Tourvision BIOS tool & updates

I’ve updated the Tourvision BIOS post, there’s a new version of the BIOS decoder tool that offers different output formats including one that tells you what all the bytes actually do, it now supports multiple BIOS versions