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SNES 4 slot arcade switcher

I recently obtained this from another member of The Dumping Union group, if you’ve seen my Tourvision posts then you’ll understand how eager I was to obtain a similar unit for a different system.  So without further

Cassette collecting – the mould problem

Living as I do in the UK and being the age I am, I grew up with home computers being my primary gaming experience with arcades being a rare treat if we visited the coast.  In the

New arrivals 29/07/2018

Another set of games which I’ve had arrive over the past few months – I’ve simply got most of the things I want to own now which aren’t so rare they can’t be obtained.  That said, this

LED Storm prototype!

If you head over to my article on LED Storm, I’ve updated it with more photos and information, and a video comparison of the now three discovered versions.  What a troubled history this one had! LED Storm

Nichibutsu Next Generation DVD system footage (NSFW)

Another newly recorded piece of hardware (I also have X-Rate and CATS but both are faulty atm), I believe this was the final DVD based system from Nichibutsu and unfortunately the only working title I have for

Miki DVD Theatre system footage

You may have noticed a newly discovered type of DVD Mahjong system in my last New Arrivals post, the Miki DVD Theatre.  Most of the titles get very lewd immediately (they used off the shelf pornographic DVDs

TourVision – V1 cart support rail

Just a little update – when I obtained the V1 system it seemed odd that there was no physical support for the carts and that they’d just use their edge connector to stay in place.  The rail

New arrivals 03/04/2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, actually there’s one or two missing but they are in the repair pile at the moment and disappointingly one of the ones I thought I’d fixed actually has

TourVision – new information on score panels

I’m very excited to reveal I obtained a type of score panel which answers more questions on this system – the main article has been revised here: TourVision – like a Playchoice for PC Engine

Repair – DVD-A01 spindle clasp repair

The DVD-A01 is an early PC DVD player, which is used by the Nichibutsu High Rate DVD system.  It’s one of the few models that work with this system, which only supports drives that have RPC Phase